We’re flexible.

We’ll prove it by bending over backwards to help make a LINQ house your home:

  • Purchase your LINQ detached or row house and lot
  • Purchase your LINQ detached house and lease your lot (with the option to purchase the lot from us at a later date)
  • Lease a LINQ row house


Why lease your lot?

This is what we call the “British Option.” Commonly used as an attainability strategy in England and some other parts of Europe, LINQ allows you to own the “bricks and mortar” of your house and lease the land underneath it. Simply, the value of the land is removed from the amount of your overall mortgage, resulting in a smaller down payment requirement and lower monthly mortgage payments. A monthly all-inclusive lease payment is made on the lot. This option can save you the equivalent of an extra monthly mortgage payment or two each year. * This is an illustrative example. Individual savings will vary. Please talk to us about your specific details.

We take it a step further, offering you an option to lease your lot now, and then buy it from us later. If you’re finding your housing budget stretched, you can still purchase your LINQ home today and lease the lot. Then, in two or three years when the kids start school and you have a second household income, buy your lot from us. Or, four or five years down the road, when you’re promoted to manager, use the extra cash flow to purchase your lot. Or, simply lease the lot from us for the next 99 years and enjoy a worry free life style while we take care of the maintenance of your home’s mechanical system, which is included in your lease payment.

The benefits of a lot lease:

  1. Lower mortgage amount = more attainable pricing for first time or fixed income purchasers.
  2. The all-in lease payment includes the lot lease, common area and road maintenance strata fee, AND mechanical system servicing.
  3. Monthly savings OR freed up equity with the flexibility to invest as you choose.