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Houses starting from $358,000, now available at Sullivan Landing in Kimberley, BC.


LINQ builds modern, thoughtfully designed homes that you can actually afford to purchase.

Our unique approach connects innovative design, offsite building and other modern methods of construction (MMC), sustainable development, and flexible ownership options.

Building single-family homes people can afford to buy is the defining challenge of our generation. Everyone’s talking about it. Headlines demand action. Elected officials wring their hands and decry the problem. Land developers complain development fees and levies are driving the price of land ever higher. Builders shrug and claim they’re simply passing on the cost of that more expensive land. And prices spiral higher. LINQ is different. We take an interdisciplinary approach to the challenge of providing attainable housing. We combine an innovative, scalable house design with the efficiencies achieved by using modern methods of construction. We put those distinctive, modern houses on sustainably developed land acquired at advantaged prices. We provide you with novel, flexible lease and purchase options.

We’re not saying we’re the answer to the challenge of attainable housing, but we are an answer.

We’re LINQ. We’re what’s been missing.