Why LINQ builds offsite.


There are many benefits to building offsite using modern methods of construction, not least that your home can be yours sooner than with traditional onsite construction.

1. Faster Construction

Modern methods of construction (MMC), such as building offsite, can reduce the overall completion schedule by as much as 30%. Building your home at the factory, at the same time site preparation and foundation work are occurring on your lot, allows us to compress the typical build schedule in a meaningful way. Our goal is to deliver your new home in four months from handshake to housewarming.


2. Indoor Construction

Everybody expects their new car to be built in a clean, climate-controlled factory, to tight tolerances, under the watchful eye of stringent quality control. Why, then, would anyone be okay with having their new house, quite possibly the biggest investment of their lives, built outside, in the yard, exposed to inclement weather, and accessible to every tradesperson with muddy boots who chooses to tramp through it?

Indoor assembly is independent of weather conditions, which increases work efficiency and productivity. There is a dramatic reduction in damaged building materials. Quality control inspects the work done each day. Building indoors simply yields a better quality product.


3. Low Waste

Construction of a LINQ home reduces construction waste by up to 70% vs. a comparable site-built house. How? Our homes are thoughtfully designed so that every measurement is divisible by 4 or 8. Your Grade 4 teacher was right…math DOES matter! This allows us to use whole sheets or half sheets of materials, such as drywall and Hardi-panel. There are no off-cuts to throw away. Eliminating nooks, crannies, weird angles and odd measurements means we don’t have to do the cutting and jigging that produces trimmings, wasted material and other garbage. Consistently building the same modules that form LINQ homes means we know the exact quantity of materials needed for a job and never over order.


4. Environmentally Friendly Construction Process

Once again, its about the math. Let’s try algebra this time. (Carefully planned production = higher productivity = more output in less time) + (less material waste + minimized site disturbance + shorter building cycle) = up to 20% less energy consumed during the construction of a LINQ home.


5. Healthier Builds

As LINQ homes are built in a climate-controlled environment, all materials are stored indoors and protected from the elements. Nothing inside your house has ever been exposed to rain, snow, sun or the other environmental challenges associated with a traditionally built house. Protecting those core building materials significantly reduces the risk of mould, mildew, rust or other pollutants that can contribute to respiratory problems.