At the heart of the LINQ building system are 6 different living modules. Those 6 individual modules can then be combined in different ways to create 40 different housing types with a variety of floor plans. LINQ uses this system to build everything from 1000 square foot bungalows, two storey homes and row houses, to 40 unit multi-family developments.







Our innovative design gives you the freedom to expand. If you outgrow a traditional house, you have two choices: sell and move or undertake a stressful renovation that could see you living in a construction zone for months. A LINQ home provides a new, revolutionary option. Simply order another LINQ living module and connect it to your existing home. When your new LINQ module is ready, it is shipped to you. Placement on and connection to your existing home takes less that a week.

Our living modules have steel reinforced walls and are engineered to carry the loads associated with being one piece of a much larger building. The plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems are designed to connect to other adjacent LINQ modules. A clever connection system allows each module to snap together with the module above or below.





We’re sure you’ve noticed that we’re fans of clean, eye-catching modern architecture. But everyone has their own taste and variety is the spice of life. It’s okay to be traditional! The developments we build in vary in their design guidelines and the core LINQ modules can be combined with different roofing styles and exterior cladding materials to create a home to suit your unique taste.

A flat roof in the snow belt? Yes, please!

Flat roofs are a hallmark of modern and contemporary design, embraced by architectural luminaries such as Frank Lloyd Wright. They blend naturally into the surrounding environment and provide more net liveable area by eliminating space typically wasted in a gabled or sloped roof design.

We occasionally field questions regarding the modern, flat roof design of our LINQ Homes. Will the roof hold heavy snow? The answer: a resounding YES!

Here are some frequently asked questions about flat roofs.